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Metric Plumbing
About Metric Plumbing

About Metric Plumbing



Our Mission


Metric Plumbing & Gas Solutions strives to provide the most efficient and elite plumbing service to our clients without ever compromising on quality or safety.


We are dedicated to complete all works in a professional, timely, clean and courteous manner always keeping in mind the protection of a client’s property.

Metric Plumbing and Gas Solutions strives




Servicing all Adelaide



Our Vision


With over 15 years experience, Metric look forward to maintain and continue to be recognised, by our customers, competitors, and employees that Metric is as an ‘Elite Plumbing and Gas Company' who prides themselves to provide a superior work environment and customer service experience that is second to none.


To form and build trusting relationships with new clients, but always identify that past and present clients loyalty, are the reason we are in business today. We have a sincere desire to continue building these business relationships for many years to come.


Our Values

  • The First Time Should be the Last Time: We believe in doing your job right the first and only time, not the second or the third. When we come into your home or your place of business, we are there to solve a problem by providing a permanent solution.
  • Client Concerns are Our First Priority: We believe that our customers deserve to be heard. We listen to all of our customer’s concerns and work with them to develop a solution to address the problem based on our professional knowledge.
  • Client options: We will let you know what the different options are for your home or business before we begin work. Providing our customers with options means that they can make better decisions about what to do with their plumbing and an understanding of the final product.
  • Our Plumbers and Gas Fitters are Licensed and Qualified: Plumbing is a skilled profession that requires many hours of training and years of experience to have the “know how” to properly practice within the plumbing field safely and efficiently.
  • Health and Safety: When we work indoors to solve plumbing issues, we take health and safety as seriously as we do when we work outdoors. When working on plumbing issues, we work with toxic materials such as adhesives, solder, and solvents. We make sure we take great care to ensure that your family or your employees are not exposed to any toxic chemicals before, during, or after our work with you.

Plumbers and Gas Fitters

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